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Six things your dentist wishes you knew

Cavities aren’t only caused by sugar. Did you know starchy and carbohydrate-rich foods can wreak havoc on your dental health because they break down into simple sugars. Bacteria metabolise these sugars to produce harmful acid. Try to cut down on bread, crisps and crackers. Foods that are good to eat include dairy products particularly cheese, […]

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How Teeth Change with Age

Getting older takes its toll on your body, and your teeth are no exception, but the good news is there is a lot you can do to help keep them in great shape with good preventative dental care. Read on to discover easy ways to reduce the wear and tear on your teeth and gums. […]

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Health benefits of treating sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea is slightly different from snoring, and while people with sleep apnoea will snore loudly, it’s punctuated by frequent pauses in breathing lasting for several seconds. Sleep apnoea is caused when the throat muscles relax during sleep, allowing the airway to collapse inwards, preventing the body from receiving adequate oxygen. Eventually the brain registers […]

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Five ways to deal with tooth sensitivity

If sipping an ice-cold drink or eating ice cream is a pain rather than a pleasure, you may have tooth sensitivity. This problem can arise if the tooth enamel covering your teeth wears down, exposing the softer dentine underneath. Whenever you eat or drink something hot or cold or sweet or sour, these sensations can […]

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Why we might recommend dental bonding

Dental bonding is a good option if you have slight imperfections in teeth; for example, a tooth is cracked or chipped or discoloured. The process is very straightforward as we apply a tooth-coloured composite resin to the tooth, using a shade that blends in with your natural teeth. Dental bonding is very cost-effective compared with […]

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Why does gum recession occur and how do we prevent it?

Lots of people experience gum recession which can cause tooth sensitivity, and which may affect your appearance. When gums recede teeth look longer, hence the saying “long in the tooth” and while it’s a condition associated with old age, anyone can develop this problem, and it certainly isn’t age dependent! What causes gum recession? Gum […]

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Importance of properly fitting mouthguards

If you or your child play sports, there is a risk you could injure your teeth. Any sport with the risk of an accidental collision could break or fracture jaws, or crack or knock out teeth. Unfortunately, dental injuries can often mean a lifetime of restorative dental expenses. We would far rather prevent these injuries […]

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Why is a dental check-up so important?

Regularly seeing the dentist may not be high on your list of priorities, but there are several important reasons for booking that visit, and you gain peace of mind from knowing your smile is cared for properly. When you see us regularly, we can thoroughly check the condition of your teeth, so if there are […]

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Healthy teeth, healthy mouth, healthy You

Good overall health is about far more than just taking plenty of exercise and having a healthy diet. It also means taking care of your mouth as this is effectively a window to the rest of your body. When you have a healthy mouth, your body can fight infection and disease more easily. A healthy […]

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