Our Practice

We want to ensure that every visit to Jetty Road Dental Clinic is a positive experience.

Our team have created a relaxing, warm environment that is welcoming for all ages. Our modern clinic is fitted with up-to-date equipment that is meticulously maintained to the very highest standards. Our staff have received the appropriate training in operating these technologies.

Continuing Education Ensures You Benefit from the Best Techniques and Materials

We are all committed to continuing education, attending courses and seminars that teach us about the latest techniques and innovations in dentistry and introducing the latest materials. Our team evaluate these techniques and materials carefully, selecting the best and most appropriate for our dental clinic.

By choosing carefully, we can ensure you benefit from up-to-date procedures that provide maximum benefit and value. When you need or desire any dental treatment, we want to ensure you benefit from the best, long-lasting results.

Keeping You Safe

Jetty Road Dental Clinic adheres to the strictest infection control guidelines provided by the Australian Dental Association and AHPPC. Every staff member is trained in infection control, and we are continually reviewing and updating our protocols to keep you and us safe. Wherever possible, we use single-use instruments that are disposed of safely. Otherwise, all reusable equipment is correctly cleaned, sterilised and stored properly to avoid any risk of contamination.

Our aim is for everyone visiting our practice to enjoy a healthy and attractive smile, but above all, we want to assure you that your safety is always our main priority.