Your child’s regular dental check-ups with Jetty Road Dental Clinic are extremely important, forming the cornerstone of their preventive dental care plan.

These regular visits enable us to monitor your child’s dental health closely. If we do notice any changes, we can provide suitable treatment promptly. Early treatment is less invasive and more comfortable for your child and is hopefully provided well before they experience any discomfort or pain.

How Frequently Should My Child Visits a Dentist?

Usually, we like to see our younger patients every six months, but we can discuss the frequency of visits during your child’s first dental visit. During this visit, we can review their dental and medical health and provide a customised preventive dental care plan that includes how frequently they should see us. Sometimes if a child has medical or dental issues, we may suggest more frequent visits to keep a closer eye on their dental health and detect any changes more quickly.

What to Expect During a Regular Dental Check-up?

Children’s teeth can benefit from a professional dental cleaning just like adults. When we clean their teeth professionally, we gently remove all calculus or tartar before polishing their teeth. It’s a lovely treatment for ensuring your child has beautifully clean teeth and super fresh breath.

Dental Education

When your child is very young, you probably have questions about how to look after their teeth. First, we can show you how to clean their teeth gently and effectively, using the proper techniques and tools. Then, as your child grows up, we can work with them directly, teaching them how to care for their teeth and discussing why good oral hygiene is so important using terms that are easy for them to understand. We love educating children and go out of our way to make these dental visits are enjoyable so your child can grow up enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile and without any dental fears or phobias.