Restorative Implants

Dental implant treatment has several distinct phases.

Initially, you will need a consultation to determine your suitability for treatment and discover more about available options.

Next, we need to begin planning your implant surgery. During the actual surgery, we place the dental implant, and generally, it is left to heal, although we can provide temporary teeth if needed. The final part of the process is to make and fit the restorative implants, which is your implant crown, bridge or implant denture, and it is the most exciting part of treatment as we plan your new smile.

Will My Restorative Implants Look and Feel Natural?

We take extensive care to make sure your dental implant teeth feel as natural as your own teeth, carefully designing them to be the correct shape and size. We work closely with our dental laboratory, selecting the right shade of materials so your new teeth blend in seamlessly with existing teeth. It is not unusual for restorative implants to look better than your original teeth, especially if they were decayed and broken or discoloured.

When planning your implant treatment, we also ensure each implant post is optimally inserted to make the restorative implant correctly. If a dental implant isn’t properly planned and placed, it can become a compromise between form and function, a situation we take extensive care to avoid. We want you to enjoy having teeth that are beautiful and comfortable.

Materials Used to Make Restorative Dental Implants

There is a range of materials that can be used to make restorative dental implants, and your choice may depend on the tooth’s location in your mouth and your aesthetic concerns. Restorative implants can have a thin precious metal substructure covered with porcelain to create a life-like appearance, or they can be entirely metal-free. If you want the best aesthetic results or are restoring a front tooth, all-ceramic restorations might be your best choice. Metal-free crowns and bridges are made from tough, durable and beautiful porcelains that closely replicate real teeth. With skilled design and fabrication, your new teeth should look amazing.

Caring for Restorative Dental Implants

It is very straightforward to care for dental implants, but you must commit to a good oral care routine, including regular checkups and cleanings. We will show you how to clean your implant teeth thoroughly, so you can keep them looking and feeling good between dental visits.