Teeth Whitening

A beautifully white smile is automatically appealing.

Jetty Road Dental Clinic can provide a safe, effective teeth whitening treatment to help brighten your smile.

Why Whiten Teeth?

Over time, teeth can discolour. Teeth naturally darken with age, but this process can be accelerated by lifestyle choices such as a liking for tea or coffee or highly coloured foods and drinks. These can stain tooth enamel as it is slightly porous. Teeth whitening uses bleaching agents to penetrate the tooth enamel and lift these stains. Treatment is non-invasive, quick and affordable.

Who Can Whiten Their Teeth?

Teeth whitening safe and suitable for most people, but it is important to have a dental examination first. Our dentist can gently examine your teeth, determine why they have discoloured and can make sure they are strong and healthy enough to whiten comfortably and safely. If you have any signs of dental disease like tooth decay or gum disease, these must be treated first.

Any restorations like crowns and bridges, veneers and white fillings will not change colour during a teeth whitening treatment and may need replacing afterwards to create a uniformly whiter smile.

Jetty Road Dental Clinic provides custom-made whitening kits for our patients, and which are safe and effective.

What is a Custom Take-Home Whitening Kit?

Your custom whitening kit includes mouth trays made to fit exactly over your teeth using dental impressions. They fit tightly yet comfortably to ensure the whitening gel cannot leak during their use. Our dentist will prescribe the right strength whitening gel for your needs. For example, if you have slightly sensitive teeth, we can prescribe a lower strength whitening gel so you can whiten comfortably. We will show you how to fill the whitening trays, insert and remove them, and discuss how long to wear them each day. You may only need to wear your whitening trays for an hour every day for approximately two weeks.

Why Choose a Custom Take-Home Whitening Kit?

A custom whitening kit provides you with full control over the whitening process, so you can brighten your teeth at a speed that feels comfortable. Another advantage of a home whitening kit is that you can reuse the trays later when you wish to refresh your smile, as we can prescribe more whitening gel.

The results of teeth whitening should last for quite a while, but it does depend on your lifestyle habits. For example, reducing your consumption of highly coloured foods and drinks and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine will help your smile stay brighter for longer.