General Dentistry

Jetty Road Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive choice of general dental treatments suitable for your entire family

These are the procedures necessary to restore and protect your natural teeth or which can replace them.

Which General Dentistry Treatments Are Available at Jetty Road Dental Clinic?

Our general dental treatments include your regular examinations, fillings as well as root canal treatment. Other treatments available include tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extractions, and comfortable, well-fitting dentures.

When Might I Need These Treatments?

Your regular dental examinations are extremely important, allowing us to monitor your dental health closely, so if you need any treatment, we can detect problems that much more quickly. Your regular exams are a straightforward way to help you maintain optimal dental health. Sometimes, despite good dental care, teeth can become decayed and infected. We can provide beautiful tooth-coloured fillings to repair teeth nearly invisibly. An infected tooth can frequently be saved and restored with root canal treatment, a procedure that shouldn’t feel any worse than having an ordinary filling, although this intricate process will take a little longer to complete.

Protecting and preserving your natural teeth is always our preferred option, but when impossible, we can perform tooth extractions, making sure treatment is as comfortable as possible for you. Dentures remain a tried and tested way to restore multiple missing teeth, and we use the most modern materials to create lifelike appliances. We also monitor wisdom teeth carefully, and if it is clear they cannot erupt normally or are already causing problems, we will remove them.