Image-Guided Surgery

Image-guided surgery uses computerised technologies to help ensure your dental implant treatment is successful

It is a process that allows us to plan your dental implant treatment step by step, so you can be sure of receiving implant teeth that look beautiful and function naturally. Each implant treatment is fully customised. Using image-guided surgery enables us to provide you with the best treatment outcome, regardless of whether you need a single implant or an entire arch of implant teeth, all while protecting and preserving your oral health.

What is Image-Guided Surgery?

When you begin your implant treatment, we take detailed diagnostic tests that include conventional 2-D x-rays and a cone beam CT scan. This scan provides extremely clear 3-D images of your jaws and existing teeth. It is essential for planning any implant treatment accurately.

What are the Advantages of Image-Guided Surgery?

There are many advantages to using image-guided surgery. It allows us to quantify the amount of healthy bone available for implant treatment, and we can pinpoint essential structures that must be avoided, such as nerves. Using image-guided surgery eliminates guesswork, so treatment outcomes are more predictable and far more precise. Using these images, we can decide if you need additional treatments such as bone grafts, and we can identify where best to situate each implant, right down to its precise depth and angulation. We can also assess the appearance and function of your implant teeth once fully restored. This is extremely useful in ensuring your teeth look beautiful and function fully.

Once we have planned your treatment, we can create a computer-generated stent, a special template that we use during your implant placement. The stent fits over your gums, ensuring we can replicate the treatment plan accurately during your oral surgery. At the same time, treatment is faster and more comfortable for you, and we will only need to make minimal incisions into your gum. As a result, after surgery, healing is quicker with fewer side effects such as swelling.

With image-guided surgery, we can control your treatment far better than using freehand implant placement. We can provide you with an improved experience so you can enjoy the process of restoring your smile and oral health. During treatment, you can gain peace of mind knowing the process will provide a reliable outcome, exactly as planned. Although any oral surgery carries a small level of risk, image-guided surgery reduces these risks as much as possible.