Your First Appointment

Our dental team at Jetty Road Dental Clinic are committed to ensuring your first visit is a positive experience.

We welcome this opportunity to get to know you and very much hope this will be the start of a professional relationship that lasts for years to come.

Helping Nervous or Anxious Patients

We understand not everyone finds it easy to visit a dentist and may have fears and anxieties that have prevented them from seeking professional dental care for many years. If this sounds familiar, please let us know how you feel. Our team has a lot of experience helping people overcome these feelings by providing kind, compassionate dental care.

Your Preventive Dental Care Plan

Each patient is provided with a preventive dental care plan. The plan shows how frequently we feel you should visit us for regular checkups and cleans. We will also list any other preventive treatments that could be beneficial for your dental health.

We are sure you have questions about your dental health, so please feel free to talk to our friendly dental team. We can answer all your queries and can review your daily oral care routine with you so that you can look after your teeth more effectively between visits to our clinic.

What to Expect During Your First Visit?

Your initial visit includes an informal consultation to discover if you have any dental concerns and understand how best we can help you. Then, we carry out a comprehensive dental examination and will take digital dental x-rays if appropriate.

When you attend our practice for the first time, we ask that you fill in a Personal Records form. You can complete the form when you arrive, or it is downloadable from our website. Our dentists need to review your dental and medical history, including any medications currently used. Sometimes, certain medical conditions or medications might affect the treatments we recommend, so we want to ensure that any procedure we suggest is safe.

During your initial visit, we will professionally clean your teeth. A professional dental cleaning is non-invasive and is an excellent preventive dental care treatment, removing harmful plaque and calculus (tartar) buildup from your teeth, helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums more easily.

If necessary, we will provide a treatment plan to address any current dental problems, using up-to-date techniques and materials. Sometimes there might be a choice of treatments, depending on the exact technique or materials chosen. We carefully explain each possible option in detail, and of course, the costs.