Preventative Dentistry

Jetty Road Dental Clinic is passionate about preventive dentistry.

We much prefer helping our patients avoid dental problems and focus on providing all the care needed to maintain optimal oral health. With the right preventive dental care, you can expect to enjoy good dental health for many years to come, and hopefully for life.

What are the Benefits of Preventive Dentistry?

The benefits can be far-reaching, as healthy teeth allow you to eat comfortably so you can enjoy a wide range of nutritious foods. In addition, good nutrition helps to protect your general health so your body can fight disease more effectively. We now also know that good oral health protects your overall health. Increasingly, poor dental health is being linked with serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Our Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Available treatments include dietary advice, oral hygiene, and fissure sealants. When you visit our practice for your regular dental examinations, we can assess your oral health to determine if additional preventive dental care would help to improve it.

We highly recommend regular oral hygiene appointments, and most people benefit from professional dental cleanings every six months. Additionally, your diet can make a huge difference to your dental health, and dietary advice can be useful, even for someone who generally eats healthily. The chewing surfaces of your back teeth are more prone to cavities dues to deep fissures and grooves that can be tricky to clean. Fissure sealants are a cost-effective solution to protect these more vulnerable tooth surfaces.

Preventive Dentistry